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Jodi BryantJodi Bryant
Site Promotion

How I came to be connected to the site…


Rae-Anna He10256802_1541874802714777_8518185194991754283_ndlin
Website Content Manager

Rae-Anna was born in Saskatoon and was raised in several countries as a TCK. She has a B.A. in Anthropology with a focus on Japanese Studies. Her business, eMerAdmin, provides administrative developmental support for missionaries, ministries, and churches. How I came to be involved in the site (coming soon)…


Deborah McConkey

Deborah McConkey has been the librarian at Horizon College & Seminary for 8 years.

After teaching for 10 years in southwestern Ontario, she got accepted into the Masters in Library and Information Science program at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada and her first job as a librarian with the Saskatoon public library was what brought me to Saskatoon 9 years ago now.

lynn moen 3Lynn Moen
Founder, Promo

Lynn grew up on a  farm near Colonsay, Sask. He was a school teacher for 9 years, then operated a Christian Bookstore for 11 years, and farmed part-time until 2013. Since 1990 he has owned a home business – Moen Advertising Specialties.  He attended Bible School for two years and has lived in Saskatoon since 1996. Story behind the site…

Breonna Merrey
Admin Support, IT
(Bio coming soon)

Other Founding Members:
Ruth Friesen – Original Webmaster
The story of how she came to be involved…


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One thought on “the team”

  1. Hi Rae-Anna,
    I met Lynn Moen, a year or two ago at a Shepherd’s Guide luncheon in Saskatoon. He shared a bit about this and I wasn’t sure if it was the same as the idea I had years ago or if it was something new he was starting.
    Perhaps consider connecting this with Shepherd’s Guide Saskatoon. Terry & Dawn McGee in Edmonton.
    Blessings, was nice to chat with you this past Saturday.

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