Ministry Celebrates Name Change with a Concert & Dessert Night

Impact Canada Ministries, Inc is the new name of the Saskatoon tract distribution ministry known for 74 years as Western Tract Mission, Inc. Impact Canada is celebrating its name change at the annual Music/Dessert Night to be held at the Rock of Ages Church, on April 4. To help them, they have arranged a concert by the Blue Collar Harmony Boys, a quartet from the MacGregor area in Manitoba, and partly from Saskatoon.

Doerksen Quartet on stage

The four quartet members of the Blue Collar Harmony Boys are Andrew and Steven Doerksen, their cousin, Nathan Doerksen, and a mutual friend, Andrew Dyck. These men are farmers or work at blue collar jobs, getting a good reputation for their acapella songs and country gospel. They recorded their first self-titled album in British Columbia just recently.

The quartet grew up together at MacGregor, attending the same school, and playing hockey together. Their first time singing together was at a fundraiser in 2005. Since then the Blue Collar Harmony Boys have sung at various Gospel Music Jamborees in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and are building a following that really likes their music. Two years ago they managed to get on stage at the Canadian Gospel Music Celebration in Red Deer, Alberta. (You may get to know them better through. Facebook).

Blue Collar Harmony Boys in suits

Impact Canada is all about reaching out to families; this four-some are all family men too. The brothers, Andrew and Steven Doerksen, both work on farms near MacGregor, and have young families. Each, with their wives, have one child, with Andrew and his wife Rylee expecting a second child in August.

The cousin, Nathan Doerksen, is a mechanic at Sherwood Chevrolet in Saskatoon. He and his wife have two daughters, Micaiah and Jorja, and are expecting another child in June.

Andrew Dyck, their friend, works as a Personal Life Skills Coach for the Pine Creek School Division near MacGregor. Andrew and his wife, Jenny, just welcomed baby Madalyn in February.

The Blue Collar Harmony Boys will present two packages of music for a total of 40 minutes, around the ministry’s announcement about their name change, and some quick reports on present work projects.

Western Tract Mission did systematic mailings by postal codes for many years, in fact, under the very name, Impact Canada. Distributing the gospel through printed booklets and tracts is not the only activity this ministry has, and since the younger generation has trouble grasping what tracts are, the Board felt that it was time for a new name that could include all that they do, such as the Mailbox Club, Enrichment Bible Courses, Scripture Signs, and their online presence with several websites. The websites include with well over 1000 pages of content, and a new one going up,, plus there are plans for another for the Enrichment Courses, which are likely to go online with an interactive study format.

All are heartily invited to the Music/Dessert Night, at Rock of Ages Church, 130 Kingsmere Place, Saskatoon, on April 4, at 7 pm. A free-will offering will be received for the Impact Canada mailing, which will go out later this year.

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